Hi, everyone! Rather than another letter from me, I thought this would be a good time to check in with one of my favorite Paladins, Devlin Bane, to see what was going on with him these days. Here’s how our conversation went:

The big man himself met me at the secret entrance to the Paladin headquarters and led me to his office.

I waved at a few of the other guys. I was disappointed that Trahern was nowhere to be seen, but Cullen glanced up from his computer and smiled. Even DJ seemed a bit more relaxed than I remember him ever being before. Reggie must be having a positive effect on the dear man.

I took the seat facing Devlin’s desk while he got each of us a bottle of water.

Alexis: So, Devlin let’s get started since there’s no telling how long this moment of quiet in your day will last. I hear you have big news to share with us today!

Devlin, looking a bit smug: Yeah, actually I do. Seems the folks at your publisher have decided to make my story, DARK PROTECTOR, a free e-read! It will be available at X0X0 After Dark from 9/28/15 through about 10/26/15.

Alexis: Wow, that’s great, big guy! That’s the book where all of this got started and the world found out about the Paladins. Looking back, what moment stands out for you in that story?

Devlin: Anytime I come back from the dead staring up into Laurel’s eyes is pretty special to me. (He flexed his hands several times with a small smile.) And as I recall, I also had a couple of interesting talks with Trahern and Cullen about her. Even if I picked up a few bruises during those conversations, it was fun.

Alexis: And the darkest moment for you in the book?

Devlin: I don’t want to mention any spoilers here in case the series is new to someone, but any threat to Laurel is enough to make my blood run cold.

alexis morgan's darkness torn asunderAlexis: On a happier note, I know you recently welcomed a new Paladin to the fold. My recent e-novella, DARKNESS TORN ASUNDER, was about Emmett Sloan. How is he doing these days?

Devlin, glaring at me from across his desk: Emmett is fitting in just fine, but don’t think that’s a good thing. He’s just like the rest of the clowns around here—bad tempered with a chip on his shoulder the size of Gibraltar and enough kiss-my-ass attitude to fill an oil tanker.

Devlin shook his head. Seriously, Alexis, couldn’t you have given me a new guy who has some nodding acquaintance with being reasonable? You know, just once? Hell, his best buddy around here is Trahern! What the heck were you thinking?

I tried not to laugh, but a few snickers may have slipped out.

Alexis: But, Devlin, I feel obligated to point out that you have no respect for anyone who can’t stand up for himself around here. We both know it takes a certain kind of personality to do what you guys do. Besides, my readers like all of you just the way you are.

Before he could come up with a response that wasn’t full of four-letter words, the Klaxons outside his office went off. Devlin grabbed his sword and headed for the door. He paused to look back.

Devlin: Larem can see you out. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be sure to tell Emmett you were asking about him.

I rose to follow after him.

Alexis: Thanks, and I’ll make sure my readers know about the free-read on your book. And please tell Trahern I’m sorry I missed him.

Devlin, shooting me a dark look: He always was your favorite.

No use in denying it when we both knew it was true. Instead, I followed Devlin out into the bullpen and watched as the guys charged down the hall toward the elevators. More than one waved or nodded in passing as Larem joined me. His expression grew more solemn than usual as we walked toward the exit.

At the door to the alley, the Kalith warrior/healer glanced back over his shoulder toward where his friends had disappeared to face another bout of defending our world.

Larem: Don’t worry, Alexis. They will be fine.

I manage to smile—barely.

Alexis: I know, Larem, but I think I’ll have to check on them again soon. You know, just to make sure.

alexis morgan's dark protector

Larem, smiling just a little: You do that. They would be the last to admit it, but they need someone looking after them. It helps them to know that you’re watching over them. Who knows what kind of trouble they’d get into on their own.

We both laugh as we step outside into the bright sunshine of a Seattle morning.

So that’s the interview for this month. And don’t forget to check out the free-read of Dark Protector available now and through approximately October 26th.

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