Dear Readers:

darkness torn asunderWe’re officially down to just over two weeks before the official release of my new e-novella, DARKNESS TORN ASUNDER! I’m so excited to have a new Paladin story coming out. I love that world and getting to visit with some old friends has been really special to me. You might remember I have a special fondness for Blake Trahern, so I had to make sure he made an appearance or two!

Otherwise, I’m enjoying summer weather and spending a lot of time out on the deck reading or editing. I just finished proofreading a manuscript for a friend. It’s one that the two of us plotted at one of our brainstorming sessions. I love reading the final story to see how all those scattered thoughts we came up with over burgers and fries finally came together.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on my new series, Sergeant Joe’s Boys. I’ve just finished revisions on the first book. My editor said the story put tears in her eyes in a couple of places. Normally I would feel bad about making someone cry, but in this case it’s great news. =o) I can’t wait for you all to ‘meet’ Joe’s three sons.

Take care,


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