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Dear Readers,

I hope you've been enjoying your summer. I've been doing a lot of reading these past couple of months, and the weather has been perfect for sitting out on the deck with a cold drink and a stack of books. I recently joined a book club, which I'm enjoying. We just finished reading THE BOYS IN THE BOAT, the story of the 1936 rowing team from the University of Washington that won the gold medal in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Very interesting.

The next Sgt. Joe's Boys book, Always Be True: Tino, will be out in just over two months! I can't wait! I've had so much fun telling these stories. It's funny-I think of Jack as the most stubborn of the three brothers, but it was definitely Tino who gave me the hardest time while I wrote his story. I swear he wasn't a bit shy about telling me when I was getting it wrong. On the other hand, when I finally typed "the end" he and I were both happy how his book turned out!

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